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  • Linda Stegmeyer

Season's greetings

Hello Friends,

As the days tick by on the calendar, we find ourselves surrounded by the sights and sounds of the holiday season. For some, these last days of December lead to celebrations of faith. For others, they mean time together with family, specials foods, and traditions that belong only to this time of year. No matter how we celebrate, there is one thing that unites us: we are all of us fast approaching the hour that separates the past from the future; the day when each of us is faced with a new beginning.

What will the New Year bring? Will I remember to embrace the days I'm given? Sometimes, in order for me to look forward, I have to look back. So I pull the calendar off the wall and return to the beginning of the year that was, remembering this or that event recorded by hand: an appointment, a birthday, this get together, that vacation. I am reminded that it's mostly small things that make up a life, and yet, they are also the things that make a life rewarding. I face the year with excitement. I have so many goals to reach for! There are so many people to meet, so many friends to make. I'm looking forward to hanging a new calendar and filling its pages with life looking forward and life lived.

As the days tick by on the calendar, I wish you a holiday season that is all you could hope for, and a New Year that brings you health and happiness.



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Dec 19, 2019

Hi Linda, I'm so excited for you to help people who want to improve their English. I know you have spoken about this for many years & have been doing this in your spare time while working another full time job. I have been traveling yearly to Mexico for years. I know a few words but am hesitant to try to speak for fear I may say something & offend someone or get laughed at. I really understand now why the Mexican people also are hesitant to speak English to me for the same reason!! Bravo to you! Your website is clear, concise & easy to navigate. Selfishly, I hope you aren't too busy to make plans for a get-together.

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