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  • Linda Stegmeyer

hope rising

This cool October morning found me taking a walk along the country roads near where I live. Recent rains have taken down a lot of leaves, and without the sun to bring out their best hues, the colors of the remaining leaves are subdued. That picture contrasts with how I’m feeling about life these days. Although I can’t say that all is well with the world —the pandemic is still with us—I am cautiously optimistic that things are headed in the right direction. I try to keep my face to the sunshine.

It was two years ago that I threw myself heart and soul into Sound Expressions, LLC. I spent months working on this website, meeting with business professionals, leading English language conversation groups, and generally putting myself “out there” so that people could understand what a language coach has to offer. For a brief time I was rewarded with international clients, and we were developing a comfortable working relationship when Covid hit.

Like everyone else, the pandemic knocked me sideways, and it took a while for me to recover my sense of balance. Now, I’m fully vaccinated and ready to return to the work I love. As the world opens up, I hope that those of you who want to develop your language skills will think of now as the time to start. Whether you take large steps or small ones to reach your goals, at least take those first steps. You’re likely to find a language coach at the end of them who, even on rainy days, can help you keep your face to the sunshine.

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