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Rates for Editing Written English


$50/hour consultation


Line (Structural) Editing – Inspect the Foundation

  • Writing style

  • Creative content

  • Language use

  • Structure

  • Flow


Initial deposit of 50% on the original number of pages, balance upon delivery of finalized copy,

plus, time spent consulting with the author before, during, and after completion.


 $40/hour basic copy editing

$50/hour heavy copy editing


Copy Editing – Remove Technical Errors

  • Grammar

  • Spelling

  • Punctuation

  • Syntax

  • Consistency


Initial deposit of 1-hour worth of copy editing; remainder due upon completion.



Proofreading – Final Check


Initial deposit of 1-hour worth of copy proofreading; remainder due upon completion.


 Retainer Fee – $200/month

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