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Accent Modification

Success in a new language isn't easy.  You work hard to produce that perfect sentence, only to be misunderstood because of accent.  Sometimes people laugh at your mispronounced words, sometimes they ignore you altogether.  And despite your best efforts, it never seems to get better.  I can help you work on the specific speech sounds that are getting in the way of clear communication.  With training and practice, you can soften the sounds that lead to misunderstanding.  With training and practice, you’ll learn which sounds you need to strengthen to get you closer to a neutral American accent. 


More accurate pronunciation of American English can lead to:

  • Greater confidence when speaking

  • Opportunities for career growth

  • Clearer communication

  • Being understood the first time


One thing more accurate pronunciation of American English will NOT do is change your identity. It will not make you less of who you are, or diminish your language skills in your mother tongue.  It will simply be a skill that you can call on when needed, something to enhance day-to-day interactions with your American coworkers, teachers, neighbors, and friends. 

For feedback about your accent, click on the free screening link below.


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Conversational English

One of the most frustrating, difficult things about learning a new language is when you know what you want to say but you just can’t find the words.  This happens over and over again while learning, and sometimes it’s so overwhelming that retreat feels like the only option.  However, if you isolate yourself linguistically and culturally, you’ll have to look on while others enjoy what participation in life can bring.  It can make you feel alone in this world, but I want you to know that you are NOT alone.

Stronger English language skills can lead to many good things:

  • Self-respect

  • Social acceptance

  • Independence

  • Job opportunities

  • A sense of accomplishment and enjoyment


I can help you develop a vocabulary that reflects your everyday life and needs. Together, we can practice conversational skills so that you converse with greater ease and confidence.  Those skills will help you make doctor appointments, ask for directions, and talk to teachers; in short, to navigate everyday life. 

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Editing Written English

Writing touches almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives.  Good writing can open doors to job opportunities and professional advancement.  It can sometimes help us express ourselves when our spoken words cannot.  Writing is a skill you’ll refine and gain confidence with each time you use it.


Well-developed English writing skills enable you to:


  • Make your writing stronger and better understood

  • Adapt your writing for a variety of audiences

  • Express yourself clearly and with confidence

  • Communicate professionally using correct grammar and punctuation

I can help you develop a confident written voice as you learn to express yourself in English.

Command the written word!


About Me


As a young college student studying speech therapy, my life and career took an unexpected turn, and I found myself living abroad.  I spent over six years living in countries where English is not the first language, and I learned a second language as an adult.  It is through the experiences of living as an immigrant and learning a second language through immersion that I have the most to offer someone in a similar situation—someone just like you.  I understand the difficulty and isolation that living in another country can present when you don’t speak the language.  I know what it is to be left behind as the conversation races ahead, and to be silent when I wanted to speak because I was too embarrassed about my accent to open my mouth.  I also know the wonder of learning a new culture, the exhilaration of understanding and pronouncing words that, until recently, were incomprehensible and unpronounceable, and the pride of accomplishment that thriving in another country can bring.


Some years later I returned to the United States, but I never forgot my experiences abroad.  The struggle to communicate in a new language forged my determination to help English learners here.  Just as others once helped me to find my voice in my new environment, I want to help you find your unique voice, and to reach your full potential as a confident world citizen.  If you’d like to explore how we might work together to strengthen your communication skills, give me a call or drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you!

For more of my thoughts on the immigrant experience, please visit my blog.

Linda L Stegmeyer

English Language Coach

BS - Written Communications

MA - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Certified Instructor - Pronunciation of English as a Second Language(P-ESL)

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